Last Day of term

To finish off the school year we had a social lunch in the Link Room. The boys enjoyed pizza, chicken dippers and chips followed by ice cream all washed down with Fizz (Shloer) .

have a safe and happy holiday – See you on 22nd August.

Whats at the bottom of this ice cream?


Do you like this ice cream?

enjoying lunch

This is yummy

Getting creative with clay

Following on from our study of caterpillars and butterflies the boys got creative making model caterpillars and butterflies with clay. Once dried the models were painted and are now ready to go home

creating a butterfly

caterpillars are tricky

rolling the balls to make a caterpillar

I am enjoying this!!

painting caterpillars

butterflies are colourful

which colours are best?

Kids Out 2017

The boys from the Link Room enjoyed a wonderful day out at Craibstone Estate courtesy of The Rotary Club. Lots of activities to enjoy and new challenges to test our skills. A great time was had by all- and the weather was kind to us.

We enjoyed meeting The Sheep

Thomas had a caterpillar on his face

Mac enjoyed the pony ride

Dylan on his pony

Liam and Hayden got to tough the lizard

Watch out- this one is coming home with Dylan!!

We all enjoyed a trip on the train

The climbing wall was a challenge of co-ordination and overcoming a fear of heights



After watching our caterpillars get bigger by the day and studying the chrysalis, the boys were very excited to come in last week and find we had Butterflies!!

After feeding them and allowing them a few days to strengthen their wings we set them free.


Life Cycle

The boys in the link room are finding out about the life cycle of the butterfly. We have been watching our caterpillars grow rapidly and are now waiting patiently for the butterflies to appear. We will keep you posted!!

The tiny caterpillars arrive complete with food

The caterpillars are growing rapidly

We now have 3 chrysalis