It’s hard to believe that there are only 3 weeks left of P2 for the boys and girls before they move up to P3 after the holidays. We have a really busy few weeks ahead so I thought it might be best to pop the dates up here:

Friday 16.6.17
New teacher letter for P3 going home

Monday 19.6.17
Moving up afternoon (an opportunity for the children to spend some time in their new classroom)

Tuesday 20.6.17
Trip to Crathes castle – all children will need with them a packed lunch, school jumpers/cardigans, a snack and a jacket. School trousers do not have to be worn. If the weather is good then please provide your child with suncream. I am looking for a parent helper for this trip, if you are able to help then please get in touch.

Friday 23.6.17
Whole school sharing assembly

Monday the 26.6.17
Theatre show at school

Tuesday the 27.6.17
P2 Achievement awards at St George’s church 11-12pm. All parents are invited to attend.

Friday 30.6.17
Last day of term.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Miss MacAulay

As part of our homework this week, we were asked to do our reading in a different place. There were so many different places that the boys and girls chose. Other than the photos shown, Sophie-Jane read her book outside, Constance read hers in the garden and Alicja read her book upside down.



Dinosaur Fossils

It was really tricky to choose our Star Writers this morning. Next Wednesday we are going to be making dinosaur fossils and had to write instructions on how to make them. We were looking for neat writing and accurate instructions so that our fossils turn out perfect. Constance, Martyna and Sophie-Jane were chosen as our star writers for this job!! Well done girls. 

Swimming and Football

On Thursday the 25th of May we will be going to the football festival at St Machar academy. Can the children please come to school on this day wearing tracksuit bottoms and trainers (no football boots) School jumpers must be worn as there will be other schools there. As it may still be quite cold, could all of the boys and girls also bring a jacket. We will be bringing our snacks with us on the day.

We are also very lucky to be going swimming again on Tuesday the 30th of May. Could all children bring their swimming costume/trunks and a towel on this date.

If you have any questions then please let me know!

Miss MacAulay


Snack at Riverbank

Over the past few weeks we have had more children buying snack from the school. Some children have been coming in with larger amounts of money than what is needed and we have change building up in our trays! Below is a price list for snack so that you have an idea of how much money your child may need.


Milkshakes (strawberry, chocolate and banana) – 30p

Large apple water – 30p

Small Apple or orange juice – 20p

Fruit and other items

Biscuits – 20p

Banana – 30p

Apple – 20p

Orange – 20p

Pear – 20p

Kiwi – 20p

Melon – 20p

Plums – 20p

Raisins – 15p


Today we had our second swimming lesson and we loved it! We have been working in 3 groups; the sharks, the otters and the dolphins. We will hopefully get another lesson after the Easter holidays. Our star swimmers for this week are Sophie-Jane and Caleb. Well done! 

Our Fairytale story plans

We have no Star Writers this week as the whole class worked sohard writing their Fairytales on their own. It was too hard for MissMacAulay to choose so the whole class got an award!!When we get home ask us how we made up our stories.

Here are our stories:

Borys had Snow White and the 3 billy goats gruff in a little cotagein the woods and they were lost and hungry.

Leon’s story was about Goldilocks and the three little pigs in asecret cave being chased by a wolf.

James had Goldilocks and a big bad wolf in a secret cave lookingfor treasure but they can’t read the map.

Ashton’s story was about Snow White and the 3 little pigs in acottage in the woods and they were being chased.

Alicja had Snow White and the 7 dwarfs in a little cottage in thewoods and they were very hungry.

Kimberly’s story was about Goldilocks and a giant in the dark andscary woods looking for treasure but they couldn’t read the map.

Lucca had Cinderella and a giant in a house made of sweets andCinderella had to get magic coins back from the giant.

Constance had snow white and the 3 little pigs in a secret caveand they had to find some magic eggs for the queens cake.

In Nicolas’s story Little Red Riding Hood and the 3 little pigs werein the dark and scary woods and they were lost and hungry.

Ryan had Snow White and the big bad wolf on a giant beanstalkand they were lost and hungry.

In Sophie-Jane’s story Jack and the 7 dwarfs were in a giant castleat the top of a hill and Jack had to rescue the 7 dwarfs from adragon.

Ann-Marie had Cinderella and a big bad wolf up a beanstalk andthey had to find some magic eggs for a cake.
Martyna’s story was about Jack and the 7 dwarfs in the dark andscary woods trying to find the golden coins.

Claire had a Gingerbread Man and the giant in a house made ofsweets and the gingerbread man was being chased.

Riyad’s story was aout little red riding hood and the 3 billy goatsgruff in a little cottage in the woods being chased by a dragon

Milan had Cinderella and the 7 dwarfs in a giant beanstalk andthey were lost and hungry.

Dominik’s story was about Goldilocks and a giant up a beanstalkand they were lost and hungry.

Magda had the Gingerbread man and a giant in the woods looking for treasure.


We are very lucky this term to be getting 6 weeks of swimming lessons at the new aquatics centre. So far we have been split into three swimming groups: the otters, dolphins and sharks. Each week we get into our groups and complete different activities and games. We have 4 lessons left and look forward to swimming every week!

photo 2 photo 1

World Book Day

For World Book Day this year, the boys and girls in P2A chose a partner from the class who was not in their reading group. Then they read their reading books to their partners and asked them questions about the book.

We were due to go to the library but postponed our visit due to the snow and the slippy conditions on the pavements.

Working with instruments

We were very lucky on Friday as we got to work with some music experts at the church. As part of the workshop, we all got the chance to play the drums and a brass instrument. It was a great afternoon and we got to make as much noise as we wanted!!!