Last Yoga Session of theYear

To celebrate the last yoga session of the year Sandra had the boys doing lots of new positions to the 12 Days of Christmas Song. A session of meditation with a chocolate button on your tongue was quite a challenge- some of us didn’t quite manage not to eat it!!

Meditation with chocolate on our tongues


It was really tricky not to eat it!!


Snowsports 4th December 2018

We were very lucky to be invited once again to Aberdeen Snowsports for some ski-ing and tubing fun.  The boys had a great time and learned some great new skills on the slopes.

Tubing Fun

I enjoyed that!!

Its fun in a threesome!

Listening to instructions

Its not easy to stay on your feet!

This is how to do it!!

I can do it too!

Term 1 2018-19

Our class charter




Warrior pose

We made our own Pizzas

Computing- Sumdog is a favourite Game

Tennis Coaching

The boys are programming Dash on the iPad

Dash came to play with us.

Fine Motor Skills- threading

Fun in The Sensory Room

Making jigsaws – good problem solving skills involved.

Last Day of School Year Social Lunch

To finish off the school year we invited parents in to share lunch with us. A good time was had by all who attended.

We also helped Liam celebrate his success in winning the Marilyn Grant  Achievement Quaich for his amazing progress in Reading and Writing this school year.


Aberdeen Snowsports June 2018

The second visit to Aberdeen Snowsports this school year was just as exciting as the first. The boys displayed great skills on skis- and there was some amazing acrobatics as they were trying to keep their balance whilst zooming down the slopes. Great fun was had by all Tubing – although its hard work getting the tubes up to the top of the slope – thanks to Kelly (Macs Mum) who encouraged the boys laziness by helping them carry their tubes!!








On Wednesday 9th May the boys were invited to play Boccia at Sheddocksley Sports Centre.

After some practice of throwing the balls- its very difficult because you have to stay seated- the boys then split into teams to play against Anna Ritchie School from Peterhead and Westfield School from Fraserburgh.

The boys participated with enthusiasm and won most of their games- and most importantly socialised well with the members of the other teams. They cheered and clapped good shots no matter which team was throwing- great sportsmanship boys!!

The pictures are a bit yellow- due to the lighting in the hall but hopefully you will see how much the boys enjoyed this new sport.

Playing the team from Anna Ritchie School

Target practice before we started the matches.

Grant with the boys. Its thanks to Grant that we have had access to all the sporting activities this school year.



After watching the experts during the Winter Olympics, the boys were very keen to have a go at curling. Once again the boys did Riverbank proud- listened to the instructors, tried their best, had fun and behaved very well. Good job boys!!

Tennis and Table Tennis at Westburn Centre

On 6th February we went along to the Westburn Centre to learn how to play table tennis and tennis.

Thanks to the wonderful coaches the boys had a lovely time and all improved their hand eye coordination trying to hit the ball!! The improvement over the session was amazing to see!!!

Next sport we’re going to try is curling on 23rd March- we are all excited about this and have been watching clips from the Winter Olympics to see how its done.

Having a game of table tennis.

Practicing throwing and catching the tennis ball.

Expert coaching!

Bouncing the table tennis ball on the bat takes lots of concentration.