Describing Pictures

Today we have been working on describing a picture. We had to think of tricky and describing words we might use and Mrs Farquharson wrote them on the board for us so we could write them in our descriptions. We are trying very hard to be more independent in our writing!

Science open day

We had so much fun this morning showing our parents some cool experiments, as well as learning about the different things that use electricity. We got to make musical instruments using jars and water, and enjoyed exploring the different sounds they made when being hit with different types of beaters.

Clay coins

Today we designed and made some Roman coins. These will dry over the weekend and then we can paint them.

Smoothing out the clay for drawing the design on.
Some people cut their coins into fancy shapes.
Everyone concentrated really hard on making sure their designs matched their plan.

Magic potions

We have been learning about measuring volume and writing instructions. Mrs Farquharson brought in some special ingredients that we could use in our potions. We had to create recipes first and then we got to measure them and make them. One of the recipes was for making your camouflage and another was for teleporting you!