We have had a day of Onomatopoeia! This morning we thought of lots of brilliant onomatopoeia words with a partner. After lunch we picked our favourite words to turn into a super hero comic design.

Chinese New Year

Today is Chinese New Year! We have had a great day so far and have learnt about the special animals related to each new year. Today we begin the Year of the Dog. The boys and girls made special paper chains to show the order of the years….

We enjoyed listening to relaxing Chinese instrumental music to help us concentrate.

Cheese stars

We enjoy completing reading tasks every Thursday. Today the Yellow Group were reading ‘Under the Leaf’ and designing their own insects. Red group were on a capital letter hunt in the ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff.’ The Blue Group enjoyed the story of ‘Hetty’ the hen and illustrated some pictures with speech bubbles.

The Green group had an interesting challenge today… They have enjoyed reading ‘Cheese Stars’ this week, which is a recipe book about how to make delicious savory pastry. We followed the instructions carefully, measured out the ingredients and set to work. The class had a tasting session after lunch and they were delicious!


Primary 2L have been practising yoga over the past couple of weeks. Yoga enhances children’s strength, flexibility and body awareness. Short yoga sessions during the school day improve concentration and relax our minds and bodies! The girls and boys are becoming very flexible and are perfecting their yoga poses… 

Spot the Downward Dogs!


Our topic this term is ‘Superheroes!’ This week we have worked as a team to create a bat cave in our classroom! The girls and boys created bats from painted card, adding googly eyes and spiky teeth. Some of our bats hang from the ceiling and some fly around the walls.

We have also started designing ourselves as super heroes and have drafted our first  costume designs in our ‘Super Books’. The children had some brilliant ideas and we are looking forward to designing our very own masks and capes over the coming weeks.


Numeracy with Miss Arnott and Mr Duarte

This term we are enjoying having Numeracy lessons on a Thursday morning with Miss Arnott and Mr Duarte. Today we put our addition skills to the test by having a morning of maths games. Mr Duarte held a game of Maths Bingo whilst Miss Arnott had the chance to go and see what the rest of the children were up to! Take a look at these busy mathematicians…

On the left, the boys are completing a ‘missing number addition wheel’. On the right, the children are practising their fine motor skills by threading lace through their numbers.

Below you can see girls practising their number words. On the right, Mr Duarte holds a popular game of Maths Bingo!

Wow! These Primary 2s manged to complete a ‘Hundred Square Jigsaw!’

Finally, Cassie and Aaliyah work together to sort our their number words and corresponding dot patterns..

We can’t wait till our next Maths Games session!