Doonies Farm

“That was a brilliant day at Doonie’s Farm!” – Matthew

“It was so cool!” – Franek

“The pig was in mud to keep him cool.” – Declan

“I loved Debbie the goat.” – Mollie

“The sheep were so fluffy.” – Lara “…and the chicks were so cute!” – Kayla

“I had such a brilliant day because I got a picture with a chicken.” – Ellie

“I liked the sheep best because he ate so fast and had cool eyes.” – Ariele


Multiplication Monsters

Our Multiplication topic came to an end this week, finishing with a Multiplication Monster Art project! First, the children had to work out how many of each body part their monster would own. To do this, each child rolled their dice twice to produce simple multiplication sums. We worked out the number of teeth, horns, arms, legs, eyes and even the body type through multiplication calculations!

Today we began to construct our monsters using pencil first, and then oil pastels. Every Multiplication Monster looks different and unique! They look terrific on our classroom wall.

Wacky races

We had great fun in football yesterday! Rob, the football coach, hosted ‘Wacky Races!’

The boys and girls worked in relay teams to pile as much equipment as they could on their seated team member. The catch… they could only take one piece of equipment at a time.

Take a look at the final results…. Can you guess who’s underneath?

Forest Schools Update

Unfortunately Forest Schools are unable to work with us this term due to staffing issues.

Despite the cancellation, Primary 2A are looking forward to making the most of the weather and taking part in lots of other outdoor learning experiences during our last Summer term!

Line drawing

As part of our topic on ‘Houses and Homes’, we have been looking for shapes in our environment. The boys and girls have studied local buildings and recognised many 2D and 3D shapes.

Yesterday we had an art lesson on ‘line drawing’ with Miss Arnott. Line drawing is when we draw using lines, without shading. Line drawing is usually monochrome, which means it is black and white in colour.

The children worked very hard to create line drawings of their own houses. We have created a beautiful display above our coat pegs. Please come by and have a look! 

The classroom was eerily silent as the little artists got to work!

P2 Football Festival

Tomorrow Riverbank Primary School is hosting a Primary 2 Football Festival for schools in the local area. The festival will take place outside between 10am and 12pm.

Please ensure your child brings the following to school:

  • School t shirt/jumper
  • Shorts or jogging bottoms
  • Trainers/outdoor shoes for sport
  • Water
  • Snack

Please ensure your child is wearing sun lotion for the Festival – we hope it will be a sunny day!

Community walk to observe our local buildings

On Monday we had a visit from Alan, who works with the Aberdeen Urban Studies Trust. We had a fascinating morning learning about bricks, stones, quarries and different types of buildings before embarking on our own community walk around Tillydrone.

On our walk we spotted a variety of drain covers, walls, roof shapes and doors. We investigated the different materials that buildings are made of in Tillydrone and discussed the age of houses.

Our trip finished with a trip to the beautiful St Machar Cathedral. Seaton Park was full of Spring daffodils as we made our way there. We were welcomed into the cathedral and enjoyed looking at the stained glass windows, statues and artifacts.

The boys and girls returned to school enthused about buildings in the local area and we can’t wait to learn more throughout our topic on ‘Houses and Homes’.