Our class trip to Duthie Park

On Thursday 18th May, 27 excited P4a boys and girls clambered aboard a bus to Duthie Park where we took part in a “Fascination of Plants” trip.

We were working with scientists from The Robert Gordon University and the Duthie Park Ranger service.

The first activity we did was strawberry DNA extraction. Inside strawberries is a special code called DNA, which gives strawberries its red colour. Our challenge was to try and find this DNA.

Next, we made our very own perfume, using herbal tea bags! It smelt delicious! You could make mint, lemon or berry scented perfume. 

We went on a scavenger hunt next, where we explored the Winter and Tropical Gardens. We learnt all sorts of facts! 

Did you know that a banana plant is actually a herb?! And that ginger can help if you have a sore tummy? 

Finally, we looked at how wheat grows and how it is used to make flour. We made our own ladybird pizzas. The best part was definitely eating them at the end! Yum! 

Chromatography continues!!

After much success of our chromatography experiment, the children in P4a have been desperate to try the experiment again! 

We used the chromatography technique to make artistic flowers. They look absolutely fantastic! 

Everyone got to make one and they are up on our wall in the classroom-why not come in and see for yourselves?!

Chromatography Science Fun!

P4a have been learning all about chromatography in science. Chromatography is a special experiment that scientists use to separate out different substances. 

We used Berol coloured marker pens to find out what different coloured dyes were in them.

Everyone chose 5 different coloured pens and did one dot each on the special chromatography paper. When water was added to the paper, the dyes separated out, showing us the different colours in each pen. 

We patiently waited for the dyes to separate out. We were so surprised at some of the different dyes contained in colours!

Boomwhackers with P4a!

A Boom-pardon?!? Yes, that’s right- BOOMWHACKERS! 

P4a have been learning about pitch in music. They have been using special musical instruments called Boomwhackers to play different tunes. Boomwhackers are hollow, multicoloured tubes in different lengths which produce a different pitch depending on the length of the tube. 

We have learnt Twinkle, Twinkle and even got to learn a French song, Frere Jacques, to help with modern languages! 

Knitting Club with Mrs Leith

A couple of month ago, Mrs Leith offered to take some of the boys and girls from P4a along to knitting club. Little did she know that such a large number of children would want to sign up!!

All the children who joined knitting club made a fabulous Spring bunny. It took lots of patience and time to make them, but the boys and girls did a great job.

Well done to all of those involved! 

Pancake Day!

Pancake day, pancake day, if we don’t have a holiday, we’ll all run away.

Well…P4a thankfully decided to stay in class and what a treat we had! We had a very special visitor in class with us-Mrs Bennett! 

Miss Bennett and Mrs Bennett helped P4a to make pancakes as a part of our practical maths topic all about weight.

The boys and girls had a great time weighing out the ingredients and flipping their pancakes. The highlight was choosing a topping (lemon and sugar, jam or golden syrup) and eating them! Yum yum! 

Hello world!! 

A very belated hello from P4a and Miss Bennett! We are up and running and ready for action on our class blog! 

Stay tuned for our updates about what we have been enjoying learning about in class, school trips and special visitors! 

Miss Bennett