Health Day

Yesterday was our Health Day. We have joined in on some fantastic activities. After playtime we were all able to have a nice cup of milk. We had some fun and were tired out after taking part in a mile run around the playground.


We read a story about how we can be kind to others, simple acts of kindness can make others feel better but also makes us fell better as well.  We played a game that required us to work together and help each other to be able to get points.



At the end of the day we had a peaceful aspect of meditation to relax and unwind at the end of what was a very busy day.


The dragon hunt and The sword in the stone

Our fairy friend left us a fun link to story where we got to go on our own Dragon Hunt. We were knights hunting the dragons and even got to roam around like a dragon.

The sword in the stone video was so much fun. We got to be knights, a young king Arthur, stones and swords.

Football Festival

The football festival was fantastic. We all enjoyed ourselves so much. It was such a fun and busy morning we didn’t even realise some of us had got sun burnt. here are some photos from the day.



The enormous turnip

This week our fairy friend left us a traditional tale of ‘The Enormous Turnip’ along with the book later she left the class some different vegetables to look at and even draw. 

We have had so much fun and couldn’t wait to taste some of the vegetables in the Friday. 

Jack and the beanstalk

This week our fairy friend has been very kind and busy leaving us all kinds of things. On Monday she left the class a traditional tale to read, ‘Jack and the beanstalk’, some little booklets to help us learn about plants and even gave us pots and our very own seeds to plant later. 

On Tuesday she came back and left us some fairy footprints, giant footprints and leaves from the beanstalk to help us start our maths measure topic.

My pencil is shorter than the leaf

My pencil is shorter than the book

Next we start to look at ordering ourselves from shortest to tallest

We eventually found out which child was the tallest in the class. 

Here we are planting our seeds on Wednesday. 

We need lots of soil

We hope the beans might be magic beans.

Thursday she asked if we could help Jack and make a new beanstalk for him and help him to climb up it. 

Finally on Friday she was so tired she was fast asleep with no appearance from her. But we can’t wait to see what and when she asks us to help her next. 

Paired reading 

We had good fun yesterday, we are working with boys and girls in P4 to do some paired reading. we will be working with our buddies in P4 for the rest of the term reading together and doing fun activities.  We can’t wait to keep meeting our buddies in P4. 

It’s such a lovely day to read outside

Reading together side by side

Traditional tales

We had a visitor to our class just last week. A kind, little fairy who leaves lots of glitter dust (a big mess for Miss Ness to clean up) but leaves lovely little letters asking us for help.

This term she has asked if we could help her to read traditional tales in our class.

She was lonely and wanted some friends so they boys and girls made themselves into tiny little fairies to play with the kind fairy at night time.

P2a as fabulous fairies knocking at her door

The fairy asked us to make our own wands to help her.

We had been looking at  castles and having some fun with different shaped sponges and paint to make some fabulous castles of our own. 

We can’t wait to read the stories and see what we can do next to help our fairy friend.

P2a Newsletter Update

Dear parent/carer,

We are now truly into our last term as primary two boys and girls. Just a little update of how we are getting on. You can also see some updates on the school website we have our own class blog!

Reading and Homework

Homework will be given on a Monday and this is to be completed and handed back in on the Friday morning.

Each reading group will be given new reading twice a week. Reading books will be required everyday. Reading records are being updated and new ones handed out these should be brought to school along with the reading books.

Indoor shoes

Please ensure children have indoor shoes (names on the inside) that children can change into first thing in the morning. So they do not have to sit with muddy, wet shoes on.


This term the children will need their gym kits on a Monday – Thursday to be able to fully participate in PE. Please ensure they have shorts, t-shirt and indoor shoes with them.

Change of clothes

In case of muddy falls or accidents, please ensure your child has a full change of clothes with them everyday in their school bag, this should include trousers, t-shirt, socks and underwear.

Swimming Lesson

Half of P2A will have the opportunity to have their third and final swimming lesson with P2B this term on Tuesday 30th of May.

Thank you for your continued support.


Miss Ness

Swimming our thoughts

Now that some of the boys and girls have finished their 3 week block of swimming , we looked back and shared what we thought about it. Our proud moments,

“I went under the water”

“I liked going under the water without googles and I can do it!”

“I liked swimming as we got to learn to swim forwards and backwards”

“I got to blow bubbles”

Sounds like they all had a great time at swimming. It is now the rest of the boys and girls time to go swimming, having seen the others going for the last 3 weeks they are very excited to have their turn.

Science week

On Monday morning we had a visitor, we were learning about Pond and People. During the sessions we took on roles of different creatures found in a pond. We looked at what can harm the pond and what can we do to help ponds and the creatures that live in them. 


I’m a frog. Ribbit ribbit!

I am a Pea Mussel

On Thursday we were looking at our senses. Great fun was had by all the children. Testing our hearing and identifying different sounds. We were using our noses to guess the smell. And the best experiment using our taste buds to guess different types of food. 

It tastes a little weird.

I like this, is it an apple?

This tastes funny. Makes my face funny.