Our bodies!

Today P2L was exploring the human body and its organs. They learnt about the names for our main organs and where they are in our bodies. They then drew around a child within the class and created a life size body! The children worked as part of a team to identify and stick on the main organs on the correct place on their body.

Halloween writing

Today’s writing target focused on creative writing, including where the story took place and what happened. The children were writing a story about what happened when a pumpkin came to life. There were some fantastic ideas such as the pumpkin went to a haunted house and met some ghosts, another pumpkin went to a museum to look at skeleton bones and in one story the pumpkin went on a drive around Aberdeen and visited lots of places. The children were very creative with their ideas. The children were then asked to assess their own and a partner’s story against their writing target, colouring it orange or green depending on how well they met that target. They were also asked to give their partner feedback if they had used finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

Term 1 in P2L

This term has been very busy in P2L. Our topic has been ‘Me and my body’. We have been learning about body parts and organs. We can name and label our main body parts. We have also been looking out the Human skeleton and bones that connect to one another. We drew our own skeleton pictures.

In Maths we have been focusing on number. We have been working on ordering numbers from largest to smallest, identifying larger and smaller numbers, identifying 1 and 10 more than a given number in our heads and counting amounts to 20 and 100.

In writing we have been focusing on acrostic poems. We wrote a whole class poem about Family, individual poems using our names and this week we will be creating an Autumn acrostic poem.

As part of science we have been looking at water. We familiarized ourselves with the water cycle and have identified the importance of using water in our daily lives.

These are some pictures of some of the things we have been doing this term:



P1A love taking part in football. This year they have been working on different skills such as dribbling, passing the ball backwards and forwards, moving position and team games. The children were able to show off their skills during a P1 football tournament. 


P1A have really enjoyed going swimming this term. They have been taking part in a number of activities in the pool such as collecting treasure, blowing bubbles in the water, circle games and practising getting in and out of the pool. 


This week for topic we have been focusing on minibeasts and their features. We have been looking at how different types of minibeasts are similar and different from one another such as their number of legs,  if they have wings or not and their colour. The children worked with a partner to sort different minibeasts into categories.

Term 3

We have entered our final term in P1! It will be another busy term with lots of things happening.

We have started a new topic this term which is ‘Minibeasts’ as part of this we will be learning about plants, insects, life cycles and food chains.  We planted cress seeds and discussed what they need to survive. The children decided that the cress would need soil, water and sunlight to survive. They also wrote instructions telling others how to plant seeds.

We went on a minibeast hunt in the playground, we used magnifying glasses to help us to see the very small minibeasts hiding in the grass.

This term we will also be going to the Aberdeen Sports Village for swimming. Our first session will be on the 30th May.

As part of Maths this term we will be continuing with subtraction to 10. We will also be learning about money, data handling, measuring area and capacity and also simple sharing.

Miss Sheran