P5a have been studying snails as an interest topic. We collected snails from the laneway behind our school and brought them back to school where we kept them for three weeks.

Harlem Globetrotters


P5a were invited to meet the Harlem Globetrotters at ASV after one of our swimming lessons. Our first swimming lesson was a disaster with many disappointed children, some in tears, as the organiser had forgotten to book the bus! We were so excited arriving at school but then deeply disappointed when the trip was cancelled – but that’s how life goes sometimes! We all “bounced back”!

Green Thumbs

We looked at four different types of plants and sketched each type using oil pastels. We had 10 minutes with each plant before moving onto the next one! Can you recognise the spider plant, poinsettia, succulent and oxalis? We harvested plantlets from Mrs Ng’s succulent and spider plant and grew our own examples of them.


We’ve learnt about proper fractions, improper fractions and mixed numbers (whole numbers + fractions together). Some children made posters to teach other children about the wonder of fractions!

Plants and New Life

P5a explored different plant forms and researched how they reproduce. We germinated grass seeds and watched the grass grow taller and taller. Our rye grass has now produced its own seeds so we have nearly completed a circle of life! We hope to collect seeds and see if we can produce a second generation of new plants from our new seeds!

The Sheep-Pig & Babe

P5a read The Sheep-Pig, a novel by Dick King-Smith and later watched the film Babe. We contrasted the two tales and celebrated the success of the Pig / Babe by making papier-mâché piggy banks!