World Book Day

As today is World Book Day some pupils brought in their favourite book to share with the rest of the class. We found about a lot about the books that we like in this class! Have a look at our photos. Remember to use your World Book day tokens!


Book Day 003Book Day 006 Book Day 008 Book Day 004

Book Day 021 Book Day 017 Book Day 018 Book Day 019 Book Day 020

Working Together

We have been looking at some of the fun things there are to do in Scotland. We worked together to decide what our favourites were. Our new student teacher, Miss Moreton was helping us as well. Miss Moreton will be in our class for the next 3 weeks. Have a look at our photographs.

Working together 011 Working together 001 Working together 004 Working together 005 Working together 006 Working together 007 Working together 009 Working together 010

Spot Check Treat

We were lucky enough to be able to go to the Lad’s Club today as a reward for achieving all our Spot Checks. We had a great time on the bouncy castle and using the other toys. Thanks to the Lad’s Club and to Mrs Sunley for arranging this.

Lads club 010 Lads club 001 Lads club 002 Lads club 003 Lads club 004 Lads club 005 Lads club 006 Lads club 007 Lads club 008 Lads club 009

Community Walk

1d have been walking round the community looking at all the important features. We enjoyed seeing all the places and discussing how we use them. Have a look!


Community walk 014 Community walk 002 Community walk 003 Community walk 005 Community walk 006 Community walk 007 Community walk 008 Community walk 009 Community walk 011 Community walk 012 Community walk 013