‘Tweeting’ about our learning (#Angle)

Primary 6/7B have been learning about Angle with Mrs Russell. We shared our learning by using the hashtag #Angle in discussion with others, then shared an important angle fact in a ‘tweet’.

Getting an Angle on Maths!

We have been working on angles and shape with Mrs Russell. We have learned some new vocabulary: a 2 dimensional shape with 3 or more straight sides is called a polygon. Polygons can be regular or irregular depending on whether the sides and angles are the same length and size.

We have also learned about the different types of angles: right angles, acute angles (smaller than a right angle), obtuse angles (bigger than a right angle), straight angles, and reflex angles (bigger than a straight angle).

Using protractors is a new skill that we have learned. The protractor allows us to accurately measure the size of an angle. This has been a tricky skill to learn, but we have persevered and over time we have mastered it.

Summer Term 2016

P6/7 B  have had a very busy spring/summer term.  First of all they got a new teacher Mrs Ng.  With her and through the topic of Rwanda they have been able to compare the lifestyle and culture of the Rwandan people with that of their own .  They have enjoyed exploring art from other cultures and used this as a stimulus to create some fantastic pieces of artwork that turned their class corridor into a kaleidoscope of colour.

Fair Trade has allowed them to explore ethical trading and understand how people’s basic needs are the same around the world.  They baked banana muffins and other nice things, turned their class into a cafe for the morning and enjoyed a ‘Fairtrade Big Breakfast.

They have enjoyed various activities during  ‘Science Week’  and ‘ Health Fortnight’

Finding Out More About Article 22 of the UNCRC

P6-7B has being doing a mini-project linked to UNICEF’s Kid Power. Alongside this,the class were interested in the plight of refugees and, in particular, refugee children. We decided to find out about the Rights of Refugee Children.

IMG_1083Refugee children have an Article in the Covention just for them and it is Article 22 which reads: If a child is a refugee or seeking refuge, governments must make sure that they have the same rights as any other child. Governments must help in trying to reunite child refugees with their parents.

The class discussed what it must be like to be a refugee. We were concerned about how these children could have their right to an education and the right to good health including food and water. They were especially interested in the fact that some of the refugee children were travelling without parents or even a member of their family.

Please click on the tiles below to enlarge and read.

We investigated welcoming refugees to Scotland and created a display of welcomes in different languages as well as writing down our thoughts and feelings about refugees.



We hope that things improve for these children.




Rights Respecting School New Logo Level 2UNCRC/RRSA – Article 22

If a child is a refugee or seeking refuge, governments must make sure that they have the same rights as any other child. Governments must help in trying to reunite child refugees with their parents

Our Toilet Luxuries

On Thursday 19 November 2015 Riverbank was visited by Steve Roberts, from the Montgomery Centre, who told us all about World Toilet Day.

We found out that –

  • 1 in 3 people in the world do not have a basic toilet!
  • Nearly a billion people have to go to the toilet in the open!
  • Sanitation related diseases kill nearly 1000 children every day!

P6-7B thought about how lucky we are to have toilets, bathrooms, showers and, most important of all,…..fresh running water.

We found out about the toilets of different women around the world; from those who went to the toilet outside to those who had heated toilet seats and TVs in their bathrooms.

Following on from this, the pupils sketched their ‘dream bathroom’ and then we thought of four luxuries we would like in our dream bathroom and compared that with four luxuries that people in other parts of the world would like in their toilet.

Our luxuries stretched from underfloor heating to heated toilet seats and glowing accessories. Then we thought about the luxuries some people less fortunate than us may want. A basic toilet would have been a great luxury…one without a flush, even. A toilet with a bit of privacy would have been nice, too. We were shocked to find out how many people simply went outside their home and, if they were lucky, behind some trees or bushes to ‘use the toilet’. We found out a lot about how different people have different toilets and this link was a great help to us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-30027513

We gave Steve Roberts some information on the work we’d done, too. We thought there were others who had much more luxurious bathrooms than we had but we’d rather have what we’ve got than have no toilet at all!


Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must work to provide good quality health care, clean water….and a clean environment so that children can stay healthy.

Article 16 – Every child has the right to privacy…….

Summer term


This term in primary seven we’ve already been so busy! We have made guacamole to finish off our Mexico topic from last term.

We spent 3 days in a creative dance workshop based on our book Wojtek the bear. Everyone was very impressed with how professional our dance looked!

It is health moth in May and so far we have watched a drama about ‘swapchat’ and internet safety, we were coached by Russel Anderson and we had a visitor from the SSPCA. Niks and Jack won our pizza design competition. For their prize they get to visit Frankie and Benny’s to make pizza. We are currently using our skip-a-thon to raise money for health month.

We are learning about our bodies this term. We assembled skeletons in our groups and labelled all of the bones we knew. We also learned about why we have a skeleton.

We are almost finished our knitting project which will be unveiled very soon! We have learnt how to knit really quickly and it’s very relaxing!

As you know this is our last term in Riverbank primary so we have had lots of visitors from St. Machar Academy telling us about career guidance, the SFA and visits from the depute headteachers. It means that we will know lots about St. Machar and know lots of friendly faces when we get there!

Last Friday we held our Primary seven fundraiser which will help put money towards our prom and our school trip! We are very excited about this!

We’ve still got lots of exciting days coming up and we will try to keep you posted!

Primary seven

Country Information

P7 have been looking at a range of countries for their Geography project. They have been working hard  to put together their own personal booklets full of information on a country. These will then be displayed for all to see.

Here are some posters that we  created in groups stating general facts.sharing assembly 2014 002sharing assembly 2014 004

sharing assembly 2014 001