Day for Change

The children in Room 20 contributed to the success of Day for Change by baking chocolate tiffen cakes and making smoothies.  Both proved popular and sold out quickly!

Outdoor Learning

Room 20 enjoyed some outdoor learning about position and movement.  We played some games practising the mathematical language-left, right, forwards and backwards, then challenged each other to find a hidden bean bag.  We achieved success and had fun at the same time!


World Book Day

Room 20 celebrated World Book Day by designing their own book mark to use in school.  The children could choose an illustration from their favourite book or one associated with reading, finished off with a tied ribbon.  They all enjoyed the task and made a really good job!  

Outdoor Learning

imageimageThe Upper Stages Linkroom have been looking at traditional playground games, and in particular that old favourite Hopscotch.  We looked at the equipment we would need to set it up and drew a numbered grid outside.  We are now taking turns to play the game, unfamiliar to some children, and intend writing instructions to help others understand it.

Children in Need

imageThe Upper Stages Linkroom took part in raising funds for Children in Need.  We sold our smoothies to the pupils as usual but handed over all our proceeds to support the charity event.  As you can see from our photograph opposite we did rather well and managed to raise £20.

Kids Day Out

imageOn Wednesday, the Linkroom children went on their annual Kids Out Day to Craibstone.  As always, they had an enjoyable day filled with a variety of fun packed activities from bouncy castles to a climbing wall, where some daredevils tested their agility and bravery!  It is a much anticipated event that at the end of the day never fails to leave the children very happy, but exhausted!  We are already looking forward to next year’s trip.   Our thanks to the Rotary Club who organise it.


Health Fortnight

imageAs part of the school Health Fortnight the Star Smoothie Team were asked to give a smoothie making demonstration for primaries one and two.  The chosen recipe of Strawberry and Banana proved popular with the children, who all enjoyed their taster at the end of the session.

It was an opportunity to let the younger children see what the Star Smoothie Team are involved in every week when they prepare and sell smoothies to the rest of the school.

Thank you to Ashton, Murren, Szymon, Mia, Tegan and Jack who did a fantastic job demonstrating and a special thank you to all the children who turned up to watch.


Science Week-Under Your Feet

The Upper Linkroom children went on a mini-beast hunt out in the school grounds.  We discovered lots of different creepy crawlies and were very grateful that they were all tiny!  We discovered how they like to live and where they like to stay.  Look at our photos and shudder!

image image image image image image


imageimageimageimageimageimageSit Down for Breakfast, Stand Up for Farmers


We bought Fairtrade products for our breakfast in the Linkroom.  We enjoyed eating cereal with sliced banana on top and buttered toast with jam, all washed down with orange juice.  We appreciated our breakfast more knowing that we were supporting those farmers in different countries who grow Fairtrade products.

Mia, Tegan, Rachel, Josh, Ibk, Alex, Jack, Candice and Lliam


New Year Resolutions

The children in Room 20 have thought carefully about resolutions for the new year and what they would personally wish to achieve in 2016.    Some would like to attempt something new and different, whilst others would just like to improve on what they are already doing.  Whatever they have chosen , they have all promised to check throughout the year to see if they are on track to achieving their resolutions.

Ibk, Mia, Tegan, Jack, Josh, Rachel, Asia, Lliam and Alex