Horse art work

Today we wanted to take advantage of the weather and get outside. We are really enjoying reading the war horse and learning all about horses and WW1.

We headed into the playground in groups and were given the task to create a horse using materials they could find in the playground. All three horses were very different and used a wide range of resources. 

It was great fun and I saw great team work and time management going on. 

I’m sure you will agree they did an excellent job! 

Welcome to our P6/7C blog 

Many of you keep up to date with us through our class dojo, but you can now keep up to date with us on here too. 

This week has been very fun. We have been reading the War Horse, visiting Tesco and enjoying decimals. 

Next week we will be learning about danger on day for change. 

World War Two & Wojtek the Bear

This week P6 and P7 have had a great time in a 3 day dance workshop about the Second World War. The pupils have been learning about a bear called Wojtek who was a part of the Polish army during the war. The children created a 6 minute dance to represent how soldiers would have felt during the war and how Wojtek was accepted into the army. The final performance was fantastic and both classes were so pleased with what they achieved in such a short time.

image image image image image image image image image



Our Roman Villas

In p6 this term we are learning about the Romans. Last week p6 worked in groups to create their own Roman villas using materials brought from home. The groups worked together in making their villas and spent lots of time creating mosaics, atrium’s and courtyards as part of their villa. photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1

This is P6 pupil of the week! This pupil has worked very hard with her instructional writing and numbers to 10,000 in maths! Well done!photo 1 (4)

Tech Fest!

This week Primary 6 had a great time at Tech Fest! The class were learning about renewable energy and ways in which we can recycle everyday items. After lunch we then watched the ‘Potions and Explosions’ show. The class had a great time and we even had some brave volunteers go on stage during the show! photo 5 photo 4 photo 1 (1)  photo 3