P5-6 & The Wild In Art Project

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The Dolphin Project

Class at library
P5-6 with their dolphin, Pelorus Jack, at Tillydrone Library.

P5-6 were lucky enough to be involved in the recent ‘Wild In Art’ project that has swept across the city.  A baby dolphin sculpture was sponsored and given to the class by Tanants First Housing based at the Donside Village in Tillydrone.  The class appeared in local papers when they were presented the sculpture which featured the whole class and sponsor, Mark Thomson who has been involved in the project from the beginning. After a design process which involved the whole school, P5/6 then carefully decorated their dolphin.  The finished product bright painted and includes the school colours.  The class were very proud! They decided to name the dolphin after Pelorus Jack who was a famous dolphin that the class had been learning about. Pelorus Jack is now on display at Tillydrone Library and joins a variety of other dolphins across Aberdeen in the Dolphin Trail.  When the Wild In Art finishes at the end of the summer the larger dolphin sculptures will be sold at auction for charities: WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) and the ARCHIE Foundation.  Pelorus Jack will be returned to Riverbank and go on display for the whole school to enjoy.