Cinema Visit

rio-2Riverbank Goes to the Movies!

As part of ‘Into Film Festival 2014’ Riverbank visited the Cineworld Cinema for a viewing of Rio 2. The logistics of getting every P1 to P7 pupil on to a bus, belted in and then setting off, has to be experienced to be believed and that doesn’t include getting everyone back to school, again. Never mind, it acted as a dry run for our Christmas treat, still to come. More about that later.

Back to the film. Rio 2 turned out to be a great choice for our movie. This was a good spot by Miss Dezall. The film was fun but with an Eco theme and it was bright, colourful, funny, musical and really enjoyable. I think everyone had a thoroughly good morning at the cinema. The experience of going to the ‘pictures’ with your classmates and school friends is rather unique and the fact that no-one else, apart from one other class of children from another school, was there, in the cinema, only adds to the event.

This cinemagoer, loved the film but was also extremely proud of the Riverbank pupils; they were all so well-behaved and polite throughout. Keep up the good work, folks!!