Riverbank Celebrates UNICEF’s Day for Change

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Day for Change Focuses on Children in Crisis

Oh, my goodness, what a busy week we’ve had at Riverbank and I’m just catching up with the news about Day for Change.

All ready to listen

As a Rights Respecting School, UNICEF’s Day for Change is a big day in the Riverbank calendar. The focus this year was  all about protecting children caught in emergencies, such as the recent Philippines typhoon and the Syria conflict. Our RRSA Steering group decided that we should invite in the emergency services who help us when we are dealing with crises. We were fortunate to have visitors from Scotland’s Fire and Rescue. They brought along the small matter of a fire tender which the children could climb aboard. Our second visitor was Donald Montgomery from the RNLI. He enlightened us all on how to take care of ourselves on the beach. At the beginning of February, we were hardly thinking of the freezing cold water at Aberdeen beach, but Donald’s tips and advice will stand us in good stead

BBC news reporter, Steven Duff

for our hottest summer ever in 2015. Our third visitor was Steven Duff who is a reporter for BBC. He came in and spoke about how the press reports on crises. He was very impressed about the questions he was asked by our upper stages pupils on the crisis in the Ukraine. Our fourth visitor was from Police Scotland and she came in to talk to the upper stages pupils about being responsible citizens and internet safety.

On top of all of this, our parents, friends and partners came to our Biggest Ever Coffee Morning where they enjoyed a cup of coffee or tea, the proverbial ‘fine piece’ and a ‘wee game of bingo’.

The pupils were able to buy a ‘fine piece’, have their face painted, buy some raffles and have their nails done. Good on the boys in Primary 7 who had their nails painted just so they could make a donation to UNICEF. The Nail Desk and Face Painting were carried out by some of our talented P7s. Well done to them for their help.

And, nearly finally, after all our efforts, Riverbank raised the magnificent sum of £720 which was an even greater sum than we raised last year. Everyone who helped, bought, sold and donated needs to give themselves a huge pat on the back for this great job, well done!!!!

Some More Snapshots from Day for Change!

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