Construction Safety Information

Keeping Children Safe Around Construction

Anyone who lives or visits Tillydrone can’t have failed to have been affected by the construction work which is ongoing for the Third Don Crossing. The children are about to go on holiday and construction sites can be a magnet for curious young children but they are not safe places to be. We will remind the children about playing safely during the holidays but we would ask all our parents and carers to do likewise.

Aberdeen Roads Limited, a cooperation among Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Transport Scotland, has issued a flier which highlights the need for children to keep themselves safe and out of danger around the route of the AWPR. Similarly, it could easily apply to the works around the Third Don Crossing.

You may wish to discuss the contents of the flier with your children and stress how important it is to keep away from the construction sites. I have placed the flier at the end of this posting.

We hope everyone at Riverbank stays safe and enjoys their summer holiday!

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