P7 Leavers’ & Awards Ceremony 2016

The first of July was the final day of the 2015-2016 academic session but it was also the last day for our current Primary 7s. They were sharing their last day with quite a few award winners and they were so patient and well-behaved throughout.

Initially, Mrs Macleod gave some awards to the PlayPals and the Peer Mediators. The PlayPals are a group of children who have volunteered to help in the playground and see that children are not left without company during breaks and lunchtime. The Peer Mediators have received some special training in dealing with confrontation in the playground. They will intervene and try to resolve playground disputes and arguments with the use of restorative conversations. They can, if required, receive help and support from our staff in The Hub who will also help with restorative practice.

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Next up were seven very special pupils.This Magnificent Seven were the only pupils in the school who had perfect attendance for the whole session. What an amazing feat and they deserved their Perfect Attendance Certificates. Out of approximately 320 pupils only these seven managed the perfection mark. The Magnificent Seven were followed by the pupils who missed the Achievement Awards Assembly. They received their certificates with non-academic comments from their respective teachers. Our next group of award winners were five pupils who were Imagineers and took part in the Imagining Aberdeen Project which involved pupils from Riverbank, Bramble Brae, Tullos and Manor Park Schools. This project was hosted by the Children’s Parliament. Special mention was made of Leo who received praise from one of the professional artists involved in the project and for the two young ladies who so impressed the Chief Executive of ACC, Angela Scott, who invited them to meet her at Marischal College. Kirsten and Colin of the Children’s Parliament sent a special mention for Lorraine Gilchrist, the PSA, who accompanied the Imagineers to Harlaw Academy during the week of the project. The new academic session will see a film launch of the Imagining Aberdeen Project and we look forward to that.

This section was, then, followed by members of staff who had not received their certificates. This is always an embarrassing moment for the adults. This session was made complete by a presentation to one of our PSAs, Marcella McLean, who is leaving us to take up a teaching position at Seaton School. We all wish her well.

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The next part of the event was to present the RRSA group with their certificates for working so har in bringing the RRSA into the Tillydrone Community. The pupils on the RRSA group arranged displays at the library, the family centre, the community flat and at the Lads Club. The displays explain what the RRSA is all about. Five pupils then received special mention; Hannah Robertson and Mikey Murray for their work in delivering the narration of the PowerPoint detailing what Riverbank had done to maintain their Level 2 status in RRSA. This was presented and narrated for the UNICEF assessors when they came into Riverbank for the reaccrediation inspection. The further three special awards were given to Miku Ryatin, Julia Grabowska and Kayleigh Traynor who have acted as ‘tour guides’ for all visitors to Riverbank. They explain about RRSA, House Meetings and Interest Groups during the tour. Their visitors have included groups from Culter and Forehill Schools in Aberdeen and from Cradlehall School in Inverness as well as the CEO of Education Scotland, Dr Bill Maxwell, the Leader of ACC, Jenny Laing, the Director of Education and Children’s Services at ACC, Gayle Gorman, to name drop just a few. We will miss those who are moving to secondary school.

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Next up was one of special guests, Colin Lawson of Colin Lawson Transport. Mr Lawson had paid for the Primary 7 Prom. He also donated an Aberdeen FC football shirt and football, both of which were signed by the first team squad. These two donations were raffled with the proceeds going to the Wishing Well Fund. These two footballing prizes were won by two girls! Mr Lawson’s second task was to announce a very special prize. During Health Fortnight, the children, linked with Day for Change, Cash for Kids and the Wishing Well Fund, had to design and outfit for a Super Hero and also identify the super powers of their Super Hero. All entries were delivered to Colin at his office and the winner had made an excellent job of designing the Super Hero outfit but the Super Power was very special. This Super Hero had the power to give back happiness to everyone! What a unique and lovely idea!. The very special prize for this, was to have the winners name emblazoned on the front of one of Colin Lawson’s trucks! What a very different prize and one to be seen wherever the lorry travels!

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Then, it was over to the Primary 7s, who received a leavers’ pack which included a poem, an autograph sheet and other mementos of their time at Riverbank. Many of the pupils had been at Riverbank from nursery!

Our next job was the presentation of the main awards. The Sports Cup, decorated with red ribbons, was presented, for the first time, to the Seaton House Captains, before the House Cup, bedecked in blue ribbons, was presented to the House Captains of Hayton House who retained the cup following their success last year.

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Mrs Macleod then presented the Tilly Vision Shield to our Primary 3 winner. The Tilly Vision Shield is awarded to a pupil who has shown good citizenship. This was followed by the return of our former depute, Marlyn Grant, who presented the Marlyn Grant Quaich. This award is for the pupil or pupils who have shown the greatest academic improvement. This year’s award was shared by a brother and sister duo, who arrived in Riverbank a little less than two years ago, with no English, but who are, now, performing so well in all areas of the curriculum. Well done to all of these winners and I hope they maintain this performance.

This brought to a conclusion the awards for 2015-16. However, it wasn’t quite all over for us all, as the press arrived to take some photos and write a story about our Super Hero competition winner, who was photographed with Mr Lawson and the truck bearing her name!

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What a fantastic end to the session we had at Riverbank and now we’re hoping to enjoy our holidays before returning for session 2016-17. This reporter would like to wish you all a great summer and let’s hope the weather’s good, too!

Rights Respecting School New Logo Level 2UNCRC/RRSA

Article 28 – Every child has the right to an education. Primary education must be free. Secondary education must be available for every child. Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

Article 15 – Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.


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