World Science Day, Apple Seeds & Sir Isaac Newton!!!!

The members of Riverbank’s Science Club gathered at the Aberdeen Science Centre to celebrate World Science Day.

On Thursday 10th November, Riverbank’s Science Club visited the Aberdeen Science Centre. Thursday 10th November just happened to be World Science day and as part of the World Science Day celebrations we had a very special job of planting an apple seed. This apple seed came from a very important tree that caused Sir Isaac Newton used to investigate what caused the apples to fall straight to the ground, leading to the discovery of gravity. We all had a go of adding soil to the pot but two members of the club made the hole and planted the special seed. The pot will be kept cold in a fridge for the next few  months to help it to grow before being moved to a safe, sheltered location until it can be planted in the Science Centre’s garden in a couple of year’s time!

Checking out the seed planting.
Someone else making sure the seed is properly planted.











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