Remember, Twenty’s Plenty in Tilly!

Recently, Primary 6N, Mrs Ng’s class, were involved in the making of a film about walking safely to school. The children worked with SHMU and Living Streets to make the film and safe routes to school were the focus of the filming.

During the filming, some of the children expressed concern that some cars were travelling along Hayton Road at quite a speed. Living Streets then became involved with Police Scotland with a view to taking some action over the perceived speeding issues.

Inspector Mark Stephen, based at the Tillydrone police office, contacted Miss Hampton and put forward a proposal, which would involve some of the pupils and some staff working alongside some police officers on an initiative which would, hopefully, see motorists reducing their speed when travelling along Hayton Road.

Tuesday morning, 27 February, saw the first phase of the initiative get under way. On what was a rather frosty morning. (It was freezing) We wrapped up well and met Richard and Kevin from Police Scotland. Our four pupil volunteers: Charlotte, Leon, Igor and Deniss, were all set with their clipboards and questionnaires.

Kevin was in charge of the ‘speed gun’ and Richard was to guide any drivers recorded as over the speed limit into a parking place. The officer would then chat with the driver and explain why they had been ‘pulled over’ and then ask if they would take part in a short survey to be conducted by children from the local school. If the driver agreed to the survey, the children then stepped in. The questionnaire included the gender and age of the driver, where they had started their journey and where they were heading, they were asked if they knew there was a school nearby, they were asked if they knew the speed limit on Hayton Road, how they would feel if they had run down one of our survey team or any of their friends, would they speed along Hayton Road in future and, finally, how did they feel after having been stopped.

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What was very interesting was that most of the drivers didn’t know that the speed limit on Hayton Road is 20mph. Those stopped and questioned thought the limit was 30mph. Most of those stopped were women, most had children of their own and some even had children in the car with them. Most of the drivers were on their way to their work and some said they were hurrying to get there. One gentleman stopped said he felt rather silly and embarrassed. All of the drivers said how awful they would feel if they were in an accident where a pedestrian was involved.

And…just so we are all aware, another group will be out and about, with our friends from Police Scotland, some time in the futures so watch your speed and remember, drivers, keep everyone safe…20’s Plenty on Hayton Road!



Article 12 – Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.


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