Run Riverbank!

Although she has now left Riverbank, Mrs Russell has left a legacy of her time with us in the shape of the Riverbank Running Club which is growing and flourishing thanks to Mrs Russell, Miss Bennett and Mr Scott.

Being a keen runner, Mrs Russell thought it would be a good idea to have a running club within the school. Mrs Sonders and Mrs Tinto, two former members of staff at Riverbank, had generated some interest and that interest was fired up even more by Mrs Russell. Cleverly, Mrs Russell engaged the help and support of Miss Bennett, herself a keen runner, in developing the club. Friday morning runs became the norm; outside if the weather was good and inside if it wasn’t. After the run, the club members then visit the dining hall and have breakfast in the Breakfast Club before heading into class at 9.00am. The running club has been supported by our Active Schools coordinator, Kim McRobbie, and we are grateful for her help and support.

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The runners have participated in a number of events and are, currently, participating in a weekly Fun Run with schools from across the city. These Fun Runs will last for four weeks with the first one being on Tuesday evening 15th May.

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Mrs Russell had been discussing our Running Club with some other runners and Run Balmoral sponsored some running tops for the Riverbank Running Club. Everyone looks splendid in them. We were delighted to receive the running tops and, equally, delighted that Miss Bennett and Mr Scott are continuing the good work started by Mrs Russell.

Just to add some Riverbank gossip…..Miss Bennett participated in the London Marathon last month. She hadn’t competed in a marathon before and was concerned and anxious that she wouldn’t last the distance, all 26 miles and 385 yards or 42.195 kilometres (I’m exhausted just thinking about it). She decided to make her first marathon a sponsored one and ask for sponsorship for the National Deaf Children’s Society and, one close to Riverbank’s heart…UNICEF UK. Our brave teacher completed the marathon and has raised nearly £1500 for her two chosen charities. We are all very proud of her!

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I’ve only got one thing to say in completing this news item…..Keep on Running!…….There’s a song in there somewhere, too!


Article 15 – Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.

Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full….

Article 31 – Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

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