Hayton House Victorious at Riverbank Sports Day

After a very busy Sports Day, the new holders of the Riverbank Sports Cup is Hayton House. The blues are the winners for 2018!

The Hayton House Captains having received the Sports Cup from Mrs McGregor.

It wasn’t the best of weather today but it was dry and Sports Day went ahead. Thanks to all the parents and carers who came to support the pupils as they worked their way round a good variety of different sports activities. A special thank you must go to Mrs McGregor who organised all the events and the timetable for the classes. In addition a thank you to the Sports Ambassadors from St Machar Academy who came to lend their support as well as all our other helping volunteers, staff and not forgetting the pupils who participated so well.

Mrs McGregor was working madly on her calculator so that we could have the winners presented with the cup at a quick assembly in the hall at the end of proceedings. It was a quick ribbon change on the cup as Seaton House, the winners over the last two years, relinquished their hold on the cup and it was handed over, by Mrs McGregor, to the House Captains of Hayton House who will hold the cup for a year.

Well done to everyone for a great and exciting Sports Day.




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