Speed Initiative, Again!

I’m writing this as I’m due to head out with Miss Hampton and some of Mrs Ng’s class, again, tomorrow morning, but thought you’d want to get up to speed…oops, pardon the pun, with our most recent trip out.

The group who were at work on Wednesday 30 May 2018.

We had better weather for this event on Wednesday 31 May but due to illness and other commitments, we only had two pupils to help us.

Interestingly, with temporary traffic lights in place, the traffic was much thinner and slower as it travelled along Hayton Road. Of course we were all pretty obvious in our high viz vests. There weren’t nearly so many drivers travelling over the 20mph limit which is in force when the lights are flashing. Perhaps, people are being more considerate and careful, as they know there have been a number of traffic surveys over the last few months. No driver likes to be stopped by the police.

Although he couldn’t stop the traffic, our pupil was shown how the ‘speed gun’ worked.

We all hope that our surveys will help reduce the speed of traffic and make Tillydrone a safer place for pedestrians and our school pupils, in particular.

The children will be given an opportunity to discuss with their peers, the police and council officers the results of their survey. Some interesting information came from the surveys and we may be able to share this with you when the children have met and discussed their findings.



Article 12 – Every child has the right to have a say in all matters affecting them, and to have their views taken seriously.

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