Our Footballing Ballerina!!

Our footballing ballerina! The fancy ballet footwork helps with her football dribbling!

A few posts ago, I told you how proud we were of one of our Primary 3 pupils who had danced with the Moscow State Ballet in a performance of Swan Lake at the Tivoli Theatre.

What a fantastic experience and achievement for someone so young!

But that wasn’t the end of it!

I was revisited by our ballerina to show me her latest certificate. “For

In her tutu and wearing her blocks!

dancing?” I asked her. “No!” said she…..”It’s for football!”

You could have knocked me down with a feather! Our young lady went on to tell us about playing for Glentanar Community Football Club. She plays for one of the girls’ teams.

Again, she told me how much she enjoyed being active and being part of a team. I asked her if she would like to come to my walking football on a Friday night……I think she’d be too fast for us!!!

Well done young lady and keep up the good work!


Article 15 – Every child has the right to meet with other children and to join groups and organisations, as long as this does not stop other people from enjoying their rights.

Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full….

Article 31 – Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

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