Water Safety with the RNLI

Our whole school assembly on Monday 25 February was visited by the RNLI.

Ian Begg from the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) talked to us about keeping ourselves safe near water. He explained about the duties performed by the RNLI and that included manning inshore and offshore lifeboats as well as providing lifeguards for certain beaches. Ian explained the meaning of some of the warning signs that we might see as we walk along the beach.

Ian reminded us that if we were unlucky enough to end up in the water that the best way to protect ourselves is to float on our backs until help arrives.

He also gave us tips on what we shouldn’t do near the water eg, we shouldn’t take an airbed on to the water. We shouldn’t swim or dive near cliffs He explained that the water in the sea around Aberdeen was very cold and not good for swimming in.

To help with his presentation. Ian enlisted the help of one of our Primary 2 boys. He was dressed as a lifeguard wearing the RNLI colours of red and yellow. He worked very well worked well with Ian. As a reward for his hard work, he was presented with a pair of Golden Boots badge. These are similar to the boots the lifeboatmen and women wear.

The RNLI rely on donations from the public to pay for their boats and all the expensive equipment which is required. The crew who man the boats are all volunteers and go for special training at the lifeboat headquarters in Poole which is in the south of England. The Aberdeen lifeboat would have cost about £2 million all paid for by donations.

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The talk and video which Ian showed were really informative, interesting and enjoyable. Parts of the video which showed lifeboats tackling huge waves to rescue people were viewed with lots of oohs and ahhs!!

A big thank you to Ian for joining us. Oh, and, by the way, the RNLI online shop sells great gifts and I love their Christmas cards!


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