Riverbank’s Open Day with a Science Theme!

On Thursday 14 March Riverbank held its second Open Day of this academic session. The theme for the Open Day was SCIENCE!

Parents and carers were invited to attend and join in with their children in a range of science activities.

The classes were engaged in a huge variety of science experiments which ranged from flight and aerodynamics to building the tallest structure they could from given materials, from boat building to an egg challenge.

It was really pleasing to see so many parents and carers visiting the school and joining in with the learning.

I have managed to grab some photos from classes which will give a feel for the day!

Mrs Stephenson’s P2 had lots of visitors.

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P7B Egg Challenge 1 & 2 – I think you’ll know by the noise what happened and who was successful!

Click the link to see – Egg Challenge 1

Click the link to see – Egg Challenge 2

P7B – Group science work.

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We hope our visitors all enjoyed the learning as much as the pupils did. Thank you for supporting the children!


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