A Further 2 Wider Achievers

I received two visitors over the last few days, both came to tell me about their achievements out of school.

A young karate activist with his certificate saying he has attained yellow belt level. He proudly holds his yellow belt in his other hand!

Firstly, a young man from Primary 3 presented himself at my office with a rather large certificate and a yellow belt.

This pupil attends karate class at St Machar Academy, along with some other pupils from Riverbank School. Despite only learning karate for 6 months he has, already, achieved his white and his yellow belt.

I asked what he liked about his karate class and what made him want to go back every Wednesday and his answer was that he loved doing kicks. His favourite was a swing kick but he can also carry out side kicks. I was interested to find out that as the learners move through the different colours of belt, the difficulty level of the kicks changes.

He also told me that they practised by pretending to hit someone but that in competitions they have bouts with each other and for safety reasons they have to wear a gum shield to protect their gums and teeth.

I look forward to hearing about my karate player’s progress in the future. Well

Our Primary 2 gymnast who has achieved her bronze level in gymnastics.


Secondly, a young lady from Primary 2 came to show me her certificate and badge. She had received these for gymnastics.

She told Mr Flanagan, her class teacher, that she received a bronze level award from her gymnastics club during a recent competition. The award was handed out by the President of the British Gymnastic Club.

One skill which is a bit tricky,  is making bridges but our young gymnast has told me that she is good at making bridges.

She works very hard at her gymnastics and enjoys learning new skills as well as meeting with new friends.

Very impressive! Keep working hard at your gymnastics!


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