Here’s Hooping This Wider Achiever Has Further Success!

Our latest Wider Achiever takes her gymnastic very seriously. She has been participating in rhythmic gymnastics at the Beacon Centre where she has learned the skills of the ribbon, balls and hoops. She was able to tell me that she is too inexperienced, as yet, to learn the skills of the clubs.

In her first competition, where she competed against other gymnasts from many other gymnastic clubs, she came second, on her favourite discipline, the hoop.

When I asked her how the competition had gone she told me that her score had gone up on the board and it was 11.400. The judges told everyone their position and she was so proud to be placed 2nd.

Again, she repeated how proud she was of having done so well in her first competitive outing.

She thoroughly enjoys her gymnastics. Learning new skills and meeting new people and making new friends are all positive points for her.

She is photographed with her silver medal for her hoop routine and we really do hoop…er hope that this Primary 5 pupil has further success in her chosen sport. Well done!


Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full…..

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