Litter Pick!

A recent e-mail was sent to Riverbank School asking if we would like to join in with a 24 hour litter pick across the city.

The litter pick was to begin at 12.01am on Friday 28 June and run to 12 midnight on the same day. Many different groups and organisations had volunteered to participate in this Aberdeen City Council initiative. The purpose of which was to help tidy up a local community. Each group was to ‘donate’ an hour of their time to help in the community tidy up.

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In our case, Mrs Sunley volunteered some helpers from Riverbank School to work with other litter picking helpers, to help tidy up the Tillydrone Community.

Friday arrived and it must have been one of the hottest days of the year, but our trusty band of litter pickers were bedecked in suitable clothing and armed with appropriate equipment and set out for their hour’s stint in the community.

When you’re out and about in Tilly, please, take your litter home with you or place it in a litter bin, don’t drop it and make our community untidy. Let’s make Tilly a litter free zone!

Mrs Sunley reported that the Riverbank group had performed exceedingly well despite how very hot it was. Well done everyone.


Article 24 – Every child has the right to…..a clean environment so that children can stay healthy…..

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