A Quick Update on Speedwatch

Following a successful Speedwatch campaign last session we decided to work with Police Scotland and roll out the project again this year.

Thirteen pupils were keen to be involved in the joint project.

On Thursday 26th September we held a Speedwatch Event at Riverbank School to celebrate our hard work and to share information regarding the initiative. Both Primary 7 classes attended the event.

Zuzana Jatelova, a Community Development worker, welcomed the visitors.

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Five pupils and Ms Hampton then shared a powerpoint with photos and information about the sessions.

Sergeant Roach of Police Scotland presented survey results and handed out certificates.

We then all participated in a Café Conversation with the children and adults working in 6 groups sharing their thoughts and ideas. Each group had a question to consider and their opinions were recorded on post its and on flip chart paper.

At the end of the session Zuzana took all our ideas back to the council. Hopefully we can all help make Hayton Road a safe place for pedestrians.



Article 3 – The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all things that affect children.


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