Barnardo’s Calendar Winners

Emily explains about the Barnardo’s Calendar competition.

Our two Barnardo’s workers, Emily and Roxanne, were able to help some of our pupils with entries into the Barnardo’s 2020 calendar.

Children were invited to prepare a piece of art work linked to the seasons of the year. From all of the entries Riverbank came up with two winners.

Emily photographed with our two winners and a copy of the Barnardo’s Calendar for 2020.

One of the the girls has had her design chosen for the month of July, having chosen to work on the season of summer. The second young lady had designed a four seasons entry which, although not assigned to a month of the year, is shown inside the calendar in the introduction.

The winners each received a copy of the calendar, nice and early for 2020, along with an Amazon voucher each. There were several runners-up and they will, soon, be receiving a small gift as a thank you for their participation.

We are very proud of our artists and would like to thank Emily and Roxanne for their support with the calendar project.



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