Chat Swap………A Lesson on Internet Safety

University Students Deliver Lesson on Internet Safety

The pupils in Primaries 7, 6 and 5-6 at Riverbank were the audience for a group of PGDE students from Aberdeen University who, as part of their course, had to work together to produce a play with an educational message. The play was scripted, produced and presented by eight students and they had an engrossed audience with the upper stages pupils.

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The play centred round the need for pupils to be safe when accessing the internet; not giving out personal information, realising that the person they may be ‘chatting to’ online is not who they say they are and also not allowing themselves to be pressured into doing things they shouldn’t. This also tied in with being honest with members of your family and people you trust as well as understanding that Guidance staff at secondary school are there to help with matters which are not just about a school. The scene was set when Sam, the main character, was persuaded by a couple of friends to download a social media App which started to take over her life….this sounds familiar!

The pupils were given the chance to interact and work with the actors to discuss the situations that Sam, managed to find herself in. Two of the audience were invited to take the place of Sam and make a different decision, a better decision than the one she made. This was a great opportunity for our pupils to demonstrate that they can make the right choices and keep themselves safe.

The pupils thought this was a super learning experience. Thanks to the students and tutors from Aberdeen University for allowing our pupils to participate in such an important lesson and in such an engaging way!

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