The Invasion of the Caterpillars!!!

Riverbank Nursery Takes Delivery of Caterpillars

Following on from last year’s hugely successful butterfly project, Riverbank Nursery has taken delivery of a new batch of caterpillars for this year’s butterfly project.

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The children will be able to follow the life cycle of the caterpillars and see their amazing metamorphoses into beautiful butterflies. Last year’s nursery pupils were fascinated by this process and the looks on their faces said it all. When butterflies emerged from their cocoons the children were able to see them stretch their wings and watch them feed on oranges for a few days before everyone assembled in the school courtyard to watch the butterflies being set free. Many chose to visit the flowers in the courtyard before flying off and some even landed on the hands of some of the children! This was an amazing experience for everyone involved and we hope that this year will prove to be another fantastic learning experience for our nursery pupils.

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