The Bird’s Breakfast Club @ Riverbank

Riverbank has recently played host to a new visitor to the courtyard play area.

Staff and pupils have noticed a few bones in the courtyard and a fair few feathers, too. The  bony, skeletal remains of some smaller birds and some pigeons have been lying in the courtyard. Our janitor has had to go out and clear up the evidence on a good few occasions, now. Someone commented that they had, one morning, seen quite a large bird eating a pigeon in the courtyard. We knew that our visitor must be a raptor and as we were walking past the breakfast club the other morning we witnessed our breakfast time visitor enjoying another fine meal. I am reliably informed that we have a hawk in our midst and the pigeons and crows stayed well clear as Harry the Hawk enjoyed his breakfast of pigeon. Unfortunately, we did not see Harry taking down his prey but maybe next time we’ll be in the right place at the right time.

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I hope he remembered to sign in with Wendy and Brenda at the breakfast club, first!!!

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