TechFest Revisited Part 2 – The VIPs

While we’re on the subject of TechFest, I received a lovely e-mail from Sarah at TechFest-SetPoint. Sarah is one of the lovely, hardworking team , who plans and delivers the TechFest programme of events each year. What a job they do!

Anyway back to the point I quote from her e-mail, ‘….please find attached copies of the photographs taken of your wonderful pupils during the Grinning with Health workshop at TechFest.’.


Some Primary 1 Riverbank pupils were busy toothbrushing some animals when an unexpected visitor dropped in. Lord Provost George Adam joined our pupils to help with the toothbrushing at the Grinning with Health workshop at TechFest 2015.

These children were enjoying the Grinning with Health workshop which was all about looking after your teeth; something we know all about at Riverbank, when their event was ‘gatecrashed’ by a rather important person. Lord Provost George Adam joined our Primary 1 class to participate in the toothbrushing exercise. He was made very welcome and met some animals which needed their teeth brushed as well as a young man with a very large toothbrush.

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Well done Riverbank pupils, you have done us proud.


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