What a Pantomime at Riverbank!!

The Wizard
The Wise Wizard entertains the audience before the main event.

The wind down from the Riverbank Christmas Concerts started on Wednesday morning after the third and final performance of the concert took place…….and what a way to wind down.

Riverbank had booked M&M Theatre Productions to perform their very own version of Robin Hood. We all settled into the hall on Wednesday afternoon and were met by a rather smartly dressed and white bearded wizard who kept us entertained while everyone was being seated. Then, the show began and it was amazing!

There were the usual, ‘Oh, yes I will…Oh, no you won’t’ sections, the corny jokes, the audience participation and best of all the sing-along bits!!! I have never seen our pupils so involved and so enthusiastically joining in with a theatre production. I still have ‘Everything is Awesome’ running around in my head. The whole cast was great but the Sheriff of Nottingham stole the show for me. Kieran and Lorraine, two of our PSAs deserve a big hand for being such good sports as they took some ribbing from the cast. At one point I thought Lorraine may usurp Maid Marion and be heading off back to Nottingham with the Sheriff! All good fun and a great atmosphere!!

I’m sure our children enjoyed the panto and I, for one, hope it’s not long before M&M Productions return to Riverbank with another great show!!

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Article 31 – Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.