Culter School Visits Riverbank School

Some months ago, Mrs Sunley and I were asked to visit Culter School along with Mrs Jolly. Mrs Jolly was visiting Culter School as they were hoping to achieve their RRSA Level 1.

Mrs Sunley and I felt privileged to be able to visit another school who welcomed us and let us see all the things they were doing in their quest to be an RRSA school. A group of pupils showed us around and we were impressed with many of the ideas they had and the many projects they had tackled on their way to their RRSA Level 1 award. We also met with the local minister and members of the pupil and parent council. At the conclusion of the visit, Mrs Jolly was pleased to tell them that they had been successful in achieving Level 1 RRSA.

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We had so enjoyed our visit, that Mrs Sunley wondered if some of the teachers parents, and let’s not forget, the pupils would like to visit Riverbank to see the sort of work we had been carrying out on our way to, hopefully, being re-accredited at Level 2 RRSA. Our friends from Culter were delighted to take up our offer.

When they visited they were shown around the school by some of the Riverbank RRSA team of pupils who answered lots of questions about RRS. Our visitors had a ‘private screening’ of the Riverbank DVD, had some refreshments and visited Miss MacAulay’s P2 class who were taking part in an RRSA lesson.

What a super time we had and we hope that our visitors from Culter School enjoyed their time with us, too. It’s always good to share ideas!

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Article 15 – Every child has the right to meet with other children……..