Tilly Chosen as Location for Film!

Tillydrone and the area round Riverbank School has been chosen as the location for filming a short film on children’s journeys to school. SHMU are the producers and directors of the film and they have asked us to pass on the following information.

A short film is being made about children’s journey to school to highlight road safety messages. You will see film makers from SHMU filming in the morning over the next 3 weeks. They will be wearing high visibility jackets saying SHMU. If you do not wish your child to feature in the final film please let the school know and the film makers will ensure that they are not included.

So, please don’t be alarmed if you see the film crew in the area. And, should you not wish your child to be filmed, then please let us know.

I wonder if they’ll let me star in their film!!!!???? 


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