Trotting Along With Another Wider Achiever!

Our Primary 2 with her ‘First Fall’ rosette!

Our latest wider achiever was a young lady from Primary 2. Her out of school hobby is horse riding. She attends the Hayfield Riding Club on a Tuesday after school.

In her hand you can see a rosette she was awarded for her ‘First Fall’. Yes, that’s right her ‘First Fall’! Her mum was telling me that sooner or later every rider will take a tumble and it’s a bit of a ritual, that when you have your first fall you receive a first fall rosette.

During her lessons so far she has a favourite pony; Sam and a favourite horse; Oliver.

Our Primary 2 pupil was out riding Rowan when Rowan was spooked by a sudden noise and threw our rider to the ground. Although she was a little shocked, she made sure she was not hurt and then she got back on the horse again! Her mum said that she wasn’t discouraged at all. Well done and how brave!

The young rider is learning to steer her horse as well as canter and trot and, obviously, balance on the horses..

She told me that she enjoyed trotting as she found it very relaxing. She also knows that animals, and horses in particular, can be quite unpredictable but I expect that’s just part of the learning process.

I hope we hear more about how our young horsewoman is progressing with her hobby. Well done and keep persevering!


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