The Wishing Well Assembly Update

Riverbank School are supporting the drilling of a water well for the children of Kamuli Township Primary School in Uganda. The well will provide a clean source of water in the community and will prevent the children having to walk so far to collect water for drinking and washing.

The children of Riverbank School have discussed how they would survive without being able to turn on a tap to have a drink of water, go to the toilet, bath or wash clothes. These are all privileges we take for granted.

Each class will participate in raising funds for the well and we are calling this fundraising project The Wishing Well Project. P4-5 and P5 made Christmas decorations which they sold at the recent Christmas Fayre. P3 A&B, along with the help of Miss Hampton and Ms Chan held a Bring and Buy Sale, also at the Christmas Fayre, donating the money they raised to the fund. Over the next few months, all the other classes will run their own fundraising projects and the money will help to ‘flood’ the fund. Pardon the pun!!

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At the Wishing Well Assembly Update, Mr Weir gave us information on how the money would be spent and showed us pictures of some of the children who would benefit from the installation of the pump. After Mr Weir had spoken, each class or group of classes sent some representatives to tell how they were going to organise their fundraising. These varied from having a Disney Day to an Art Gallery and a Scottish event, to name but a few. Mr weir said that he was ‘blown away’ by all the ideas.

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The target for the pump/wishing well is £5000 but we will also be working alongside the Tilly Vision Project to try to help to achieve this. Keep an eye on the Wishing Well Accumulator at the door where the P4s -P7s come in and see how we’re doing.

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Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must work to provide good quality…….clean water………Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.