Children’s Rights Morning

Once again, I find myself catching up with some events which happened at Riverbank and Which I haven’t had a chance to report on. Things are so busy!

Back in September, Riverbank’s first Open Morning of the session was centred on Children’s Rights. This proved to be a very successful event and the pupils, in particular, were so pleased to share with parents and carers some of the many things they found out about the UNCRC and how it effects them and their peers around the world. Some children were astonished to find out that some of the things we take for granted eg Article 28 – the right to a free primary education, is not something which is enjoyed in other parts of the world!

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The classes worked on a number of different themes. Some classes looked at Article 24 – the right to good health care, nutritious food and clean water. Primary 2-3B linked their rights morning to work they were carrying out on houses and homes. The Primary 7s made posters choosing some of the Articles which are not so obvious eg Article 33 – Governements must protect children from the use of illegal drugs. There were lots of follow-up activities and some lovely displays following the morning.