Nursery Open Day

Thanks to everyone who managed to come along to our Open Day. We hope you enjoyed seeing what was going on in Nursery and joining in with the children as they played. We look forward to welcoming you back in the near future. Have a look at some photographs we took on the day.

The Critter Keeper Show

Today we had a visit of a Critter Keeper – what an amazing workshop!!!

He brought a selection of exotic animals and insects. The children were able to see them closely. They learned lots of interesting facts about them and were even able to touch some of creatures. WOW!!!

It was fun and exciting and most of the children (adults too) were brave enough to touch the critters!!!

We saw “Kaa” the Royal Python snake, “Kremit” the Tree Frog, “Marshmallow” the fluffy rabbit, “Prickles” The Pygmy Hedgehog, Bearded Dragon, Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroach, “real” Incy Wincy hairy spider (Tarantula) and others.

See the photos and look at our facial expression!

Nursery Open Day – 3rd of May

Just a quick reminder to everyone that we are having our Nursery Open Day tomorrow – Thursday 3rd of May 2018. This is an opportunity for you to drop in to Nursery between the hours of 10am – 11am to see what’s happening! You can have a look around and perhaps take part in an activity with your child. We are looking forward to seeing everyone who can manage to give us a visit. Watch this space for photographs of the event – you might see someone you know!

The Nursery Team