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Tillydrone Campus

We are loving the opportunities the new Tillydrone Campus offers our Nursery. So far we have enjoyed spending time in the library and eating the lovely café food! Thanks to all the Campus staff!

Also thank you to all the parents/carers who are getting involved!


The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the end of term trip to Hoodles!

Thank you to the kind parents who volunteered to come along too!

Have a look at how much fun we all had!

Making and Baking

Recently the children have been participating in opportunities to develop their knowledge on quantities, amounts and measurement through making and baking experiences.

So far they have experimented in making cloud dough, slime and gloop and many more. The children have also been baking and have so far made truffles, cupcakes and pizza dough.

Easter Egg Hunt

To celebrate Easter the children participated in an Easter Egg Hunt. Children worked together to find all the hidden eggs and each received a chocolate Easter Egg kindly donated by Trinity Centre’s Easter Egg Appeal.

Happy Easter everyone!

Robertsons Construction Site

The children thoroughly enjoyed a visit to the Robertsons construction site within our local community.

The children loved witnessing the builders hard at work, wearing all the safety uniform and watching the forklift put on a show.

Thank you to Roberstsons Group for allowing us this opportunity and for all those who helped out on the day!

Take a look at our photos!

Red Nose Day 2019

To celebrate Red Nose Day the children used their numeracy,  literacy, teamwork and creative skills to make cupcakes.

Thank you to all those who made a donation for the cause.

Have a look at some pictures of our fun baking day!

Open Day

The focus of our open day was Science. The children experimented with  a variety of  ingredients to create an erupting volcano and magic milk. The children were able to follow verbal instructions along with a visual recipe and method.

Thanks to all parents and carers who got involved!