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Nursery Snack Diary

The children of Riverbank Nursery enjoy a healthy snack every day. They always have a varied selection of fruit and vegetables to choose from, as well as their main snack.

As part of our ‘Looking After Our Amazing Bodies’ topic, we decided to keep a food diary to show what we have been enjoying recently!

  • Wednesday 4th March: Angel Delight
  • Thursday 5th March: ‘Make Your Own’ mini-muffin pizza
  • Friday 6th March: Cereal (Multi-Grain Hoops or Rice Krispies)
  • Monday 9th March: Potato Wedges and Garlic Dip
  • Tuesday 10th March: Ravioli on Toast
  • Wednesday 11th March:¬†Smiley Faces

As you can see, the children enjoy a wide range of healthy and delicious snacks. If you have any snack ideas, please chat with a member of the team and we will try to incorporate it into our menus!