Santa Visits Riverbank’s Nursery

The nursery had two visits from Santa to finish off their Christmas parties. Santa was very kind to us by delivering some small gifts to our morning nursery and then making a return journey for the afternoon nursery. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit the morning nursery but I arrived, just in time, to catch Santa at the afternoon party.

The children were singing some lovely Christmas songs when Santa made a grand entrance, taking time to talk to parents and carers. I’m sure he was trying to find out if all the girls and boys had been behaving themselves.

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Santa sat down and spoke to the children and our very own Mrs England was on hand to retrieve Santa’s guitar from his sleigh so that we could participate in some more songs. One little voice was heard to say, “Can Santa play the guitar?” Of course he can…he’s magic! It was wonderful to see the faces of the wee ones as Santa made their day.

What a lovely time I had in the nursery.


Article 30 -Every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of their family, regardless of whether these are shared by the majority of the people in the country where they live.

Article 31 -Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.


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