Burns Celebrations @ Riverbank

Friday 25 January was Burns Night or Burns Day at Riverbank. On returning from the Christmas holidays, all classes at Riverbank had a two week focus on a Scottish theme. This is part of our inter-disciplinary learning (IDL) programme. There was a different Scottish focus for different stages; art, dance, poetry or drama.

Some of the classes decided to showcase the work they’d been doing. They asked their teachers if they could invite their parents in so that they could share what they’d been doing in school. Invitations were sent out and it was great to see parents in school doing the Gay Gordons with some of our P4 pupils. There were many pieces of art work produced they were quite amazing. Steven Brown and his colourful coos were very popular studies for our pupils and there are some lovely displays around the school.

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Mrs Smith’s class were very bold and brave as they tried some haggis, neeps and tatties! By the looks on their faces, we weren’t too sure about this famous Scottish delicacy!

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Miss Miller’s Primary 2 class also had a tasting session and she kindly sent some photos, too.

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At the whole school assembly, yesterday morning, several classes shared the work they had carried out. P7B informed us about the life of Rabbie Burns whilst the other P7 class as well as both P5s and P6s as well as P4C recited a wide range of Scots poetry.

From To A Louse to A Dug A Dug and a wide range in between the whole school was entertained by some excellent recitations by their fellow pupils. I was incredibly impressed by how the pupils tackled the Scottish words as well as the hard work which was put in to memorising the poems and being able to recite them without the aid of a paper copy.


Article 13 – Every child must be free to say what they think………as long as it’s within the law.

Article 29 – Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

Article 31 – Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

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