The Learning Pit!

Miss Coyle’s Class’ Learning Pit

Some of our readers may have, already, heard about The Learning Pit! I’m sure that some of our children will have been speaking about the Learning Pit. What is it?

The Learning Pit is part of the strategies from Visible Learning. The teaching staff at Riverbank has been working on the theory and practice of Visible Learning.

Visible Learning is the brainchild of John Hattie and ​​​​​​Visible Learning is all about children taking ownership for their learning. Visible Learning is the result of the research undertaken by John Hattie to understand what provides the most success in learning. It is based on over 68,000 studies and 25 million students.

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The “Learning Pit” is an analogy used to represent challenges in learning. Taking on a challenge is like getting into a pit. At first we may feel unsure and confused and this may reach a point (the bottom of the pit) where we feel we can’t succeed (get out). The children are encouraged to use a variety of strategies to find their way out of the pit and therefore succeed in the learning challenge. By making reference to the Learning Pit children come to understand that being confused, making mistakes and using familiar strategies are all part of good learning.

Each class has a ‘Learning Pit’ and the children are encouraged to say where they feel they are in their learning. We hope that taking responsibility for their learning will build confidence in our pupils and help them become successful and independent learners.



Article 28 – Every child has the right to an education. Primary education must be free……Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity…..

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