End of Week 11 of Digital Learning

Another week has flashed past and we now have only two weeks left before we start the summer holidays or should that be non-holidays! Who knows what we will be allowed and not allowed to do as, slowly but surely, we work our way through the various stages of leaving lockdown!

It’s been a truly rushed off our feet week for all staff at Riverbank but especially Mrs Ironside. Lots of new documents have been coming our way giving us instructions, guidelines and advice on everything you could possibly imagine and probably things you would never even think of.

School will definitely look completely different as all soft furnishings, soft toys and rugs are removed from classrooms in order to make everything as hygienic as possible. We don’t want places where viruses can lurk!

In the coming few weeks, we will provide parents and carers with more information about how our pupils will return to school in August. Things have kicked off with our young learners having been told which classes they will be in and arrangements have been made for them to visit a Google Meet with their new class teacher.

For the nursery and new Primary 1 pupils, virtual meetings have been arranged for parents.

We are still waiting to receive certain guidelines and information from ACC and we will share everything as we know what is expected of us and what is happening.

All our pupils’ report cards were sent out last Friday, by email. A number of parents did not provide us with an email address or have changed their email address and so we still have quite a few report cards which we have been unable to deliver. If you haven’t received your child’s report card, then please contact us by email and we will arrange to get the report card to you.

Meanwhile, the pupils have been toiling away in their digital classrooms and I have been provided with another selection of work for us to share with you.

Our first offering this week comes from Miss Bush’s P5B class.

As a spelling task the children were asked to draw a picture of their spelling words. One pupil completed a book review of A Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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In the Arts and Crafts we had a young lady who made a lovely item as a Rainbow Time activity and we saw some pupils try to replicate the famous concentric circles of Wassily Kandinsky.

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Mr Probart’s P6P has offered up a drawing by Patrycja Kolodynska.

This reminded me of the work of LS Lowry!

Our next contributors are two young gentlemen, Charlie Thomson and Yichen Jiang from P4L – Miss Littler’s class. These two chaps were carrying out maths work on 3D shapes. Charlie and Yichen took a different approach to the work with Charlie finding his 3D shapes in the home before photographing his items and adding them to his worksheet. Yichen, on the other hand, found his 3D items online and copied and pasted them into his worksheet. Well done guys!

Our next piece of work is a video. This was sent to me by Mr Flanagan of P2F fame! Remembering that this is a Primary 2 pupil what he did was pretty amazing. Sadly, I cannot name him as I’m not allowed, for security reasons, to have a name and a face together. But we know who he is and I’m not sure if we have a budding scientist, doctor, engineer or inventor on our hands. Mr Flanagan asked the class what they would like to learn about and our young man decided that we should learn about how the heart works, and here he is showing how the heart moves blood from the lower chambers, to the upper chambers and then onto the body! Wow!!!

Primary 3C, Miss Cody’s Class have been busy finding out about China. They spent time finding out where in the world China is and also putting together some interesting facts about China.

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Science, engineering and experiment design were the order of the day for P1A – Mrs Arqued’s class.

P1A were set the challenge of creating a ramp to roll an egg on with the aim of getting the egg to go as far as possible. They were then challenged to see how they could alter the ramp to make the egg go faster and further!

Our first young person went to the forest to carry out her experiment.

Next up, someone who took a different tack!

The class also spent some time looking at minibeasts. They designed and created their own versions of minibeasts. Maybe we need a little more work on how many legs spiders have.

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Mrs Smith’s pupils were also busy looking at shape, although they were concentrating on 2D shape. They have sent me a Google Slides presentation.

Tuesday in Mrs Smith’s room was Taco Tuesday. If anyone was having tacos for lunch they were to send a photograph of their taco. I have a photograph of Mrs Smith’s taco but one pupil went a step further and made up his own ones. They all look mouthwateringly delicious to me!

Mrs Smith’s Taco!

Our next class is Miss Coyle’s Primary 1C class, as always aided and abetted by Miss Howarth their trust EYP. Again, as always they have provided a montage of different activities.

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Mrs Stephenson’s P4U were carrying out work on maps and grid references.

The Primary 7s from Mrs McGregor’s and Mrs Robb’s chipped in with their designs for trainers! I reckon if some of these went into production they would cost a fortune.

The focus in P3F – Miss Moreton’s class was health and wellbeing. Some of the children provided fitness videos whilst others provided sun safety posters/video and healthy menus. I would have liked to have shown all of the videos on the website, unfortunately some of the videos were to big for me to use.

First the exercise videos! We have two very enthusiastic siblings followed by a young man who gives his all and runs out of puff. Talking and demonstrating at the same time doesn’t half take it out of you!

Get your breath back!

The Sun Safety Poster.

Kerin submitted a lovely sun safety poster and to see it click on the link. Kerin’s Sun Safety Poster

Then we have the Healthy Menu options of Ruby and Lexi. Well done ladies.

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Finally, Miss Miller has presented me with the work of P5M. The Primary 5s were concentrating on Healthy Snacks. The pupils were asked to come up with a healthy snack and design the packaging.

Alex gave his design and I’ve included a link so you can view his ideas. Healthy Snack Creation

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So, here we are at the end of the showcase for this week. I hope everyone enjoys browsing through the work of our pupils. I certainly do!

I hope everyone keeps safe and well until we end the next week of digital learning!


Article 3 – The best interests of the child must be a top priority in all things that affect children.

Article 24 – Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must work to provide good quality health care …..

Article 28 – Every child has the right to an education.

Article 31 – Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

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