Marvellous Me! Come & Join Us!

Many of our parents and carers will remember several classes, at Riverbank, using Class Dojo for keeping in touch with parents. The pupils in the classes using Class Dojo loved earning Dojo points and Class Dojo was extremely popular. Unfortunately, due to GDPR, Aberdeen City Council advised us that we could not continue to use Class Dojo.

We have searched for sometime now for a suitable replacement. An exact replacement is not available but Marvellous Me provides the level of school/home contact and rewards mechanism that we feel is appropriate for Team Riverbank to use.

Many parents and carers will have received a letter, by email, inviting them to download the Marvellous Me App and providing them with a code to sign in for information on their children. If you haven’t received your letter then, please, let us know. We don’t seem to be holding email addresses for all of you.

Marvellous Me has provided some resources to help parents and carers familiarise themselves and, ultimately, use Marvellous Me to help keep in touch with how your child is doing.

The attached presentation gives you an idea of some of the ways that Marvellous Me can be used. It’s not to say that your child’s teachers will use all of the facilities. Google Classroom will still be in use for the delivery of things like homework.

The following link provides tips for parents and carers on how to get the most out of Marvellous Me.

And, finally, if you forget some of the finer points, then there’s a quick guide to see you through


A big thank you to the 145 parents and carers who have already signed up to Marvellous Me and we hope that many more of the Team Riverbank Community will join us in the near future.

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