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Riverbank’s Inventors: P3-4M highlight their inventions of the future!

Miss MIller’s Primary 3-4 class have been working very hard looking at new technologies. They were asked to think of inventions which would be useful in the future. They gathered together a range of boxes and sticky tape, paint and paper and set to work to design their helpful device of the future. 

I do hope some of these devices end up being available to purchase as I’ll be first in the queue to buy them. I particularly liked the invention which, when you use it, takes all your worries away and sends you out happiness! I definitely want one of them! What a wonderful place the world would be with an invention like that!

Please enjoy our slideshow of our inventions being made and then showcased at our showcase event in class!

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Miss Miller has also provided a wee video of the display of designs. The pupils placed, below their design an explanation of what they had designed and what it’s function was.


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